German Press review June part 2

  • The German conservative/liberal government refuse to take action against corruption and bribery. The very same coalition, that gave huge bonuses for the Hotel lobby as the very first act being in office. This is in direct violation of the UN-initiative against corruption, that was signed recently.
  • Furthermore due to an initiative of the same conservative/liberal government, the EU-proposal for the reduction of Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions was blocked. This time it was not the Hotel lobby, but the automobile Industry.
  • Meanwhile the very same coalition remains mostly silent about the anglo-american surveillance affair. Notable exception is FDP-Minister of Justice who wrote at least a letter to the Brits. Thank you for taking minimal action. Unfortunately this seems to be everything we can expect right now since, Hans-Peter Friedrich, conservative minister of the interior (whose job it is to protect the constitution), does not believe, that the media coverage on PRISM and Tempora is accurate. This is like climate change denial in times of hurricanes and floods. He is in a dilemma right here: he tried to lobby for such instruments quite regularly, but during the public outrage he cannot act on that.
  • Germany holds elections in September. One would assume, that election-campaign from both government and coalition are in full throttle. I have no idea what the Social Democrats (SPD) are doing: hell breaks loose and they remain silent on all the issues.  Seems like they don’t want to win after all.
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