Connecting the dots, January

The Guardian writes, that the NSA is supposedly spying on members of the US congress. This is rather odd because they repeatedly denied (even in front of the very congress), to spy on US citizens. The only viable conclusion therefore is, that the NSA does not perceive the US congress as citizens, ergo validating the statement, that they do not spy on citizens. The conclusions of this inference are simple. The NSA claims the right to treat the non-citizens sitting in Congress the same way how it treats citizens from other countries: treating them as potential terrorists, therefore monitoring every move of their digital life and even assassinate them with combat drones, if necessary. Because terrorism, you know. Legally this is no problem, because unmanned arial vehicles (UAV) are allowed to fly over Washington.  I wish the Congress-men and women could luck not to become victim of collateral damage like so many other drone victims before, especially those who are really interested in reforming the secret apparatus that has grown within the US-government.

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