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The best argument against Government invasion of cryptography

In my recent blog-posts I heavily argued against key-escrow, an encryption mechanism that provides a government or law-enforcement agencies an additional key to encrypted user communication or data. This debate originally surfaced in 1993, known as the Clipper-Chip Debate, and … Continue reading

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Surfing like it’s 1997: Internet trends from a long-forgotten time

While researching for my Ph.D. I’am currently evaluating the origins of the Cyberwar and Information-war concepts. Thereby I stumble over many interesting books and articles from the early years of the Internet, in this case 1997. It is a book … Continue reading

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Snippets from research: Cryptowar of 1983?

My fellow readers might have noticed my occupation with British attempts to introduce legislation to allow law enforcement ‘exceptional access‘ to encrypted communication and data on British territory. Turns out that this debate is older than expected.

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Staatliche Backdoors für Verschlüsselung: eine Gegenrede

David Cameron, der amerikanische FBI Direktor James Comey und natürlich auch der deutsche Innenminister verfolgten in den vergangenen Monaten eine Versicherheitlichungs-Kampagne die forderte, dass staatliche Sicherheitsbehörden einen Zugangsschlüssel zu Verschlüsselungstechnologien haben sollten (‘exceptional access‘). Mit anderen Worten soll eine Kopie der … Continue reading

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Important articles for understanding the situation in Greece

It is astounding. The EU-greece crisis provokes a lot of comments in the temporary press. Politicians, which you have never seen before, are promoted to be ‘Greece experts‘ or ‘financial experts‘ and are allowed to give their two cents about the crisis. … Continue reading

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New Publication: Schulze, M. 2015. Patterns of Surveillance Legitimization: The German Discourse on the NSA Scandal. Surveillance & Society 13(2): 197-217

This paper conceptualizes scandals as a special type of discourse in which the legitimacy of surveillance institutions and practices comes into question. Scandals force surveillance advocates to engage in legitimacy management practices (Suchmann 1995) and adopt legitimization strategies that can … Continue reading

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