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Staatliche Backdoors für Verschlüsselung: eine Gegenrede

David Cameron, der amerikanische FBI Direktor James Comey und natürlich auch der deutsche Innenminister verfolgten in den vergangenen Monaten eine Versicherheitlichungs-Kampagne die forderte, dass staatliche Sicherheitsbehörden einen Zugangsschlüssel zu Verschlüsselungstechnologien haben sollten (‘exceptional access‘). Mit anderen Worten soll eine Kopie der … Continue reading

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Why Britain is on a dangerous path leading away from democracy and the rule of law

Today, the Guardian published an article revealing that British “ministers are poised to pass emergency laws to require phone companies to log records of phone calls, texts and internet usage”, meaning that the United Kingdom wants to keep a data-retention program. … Continue reading

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Why raising politicians wages is a bad idea…if you do it like this

Today it became public, that the newly elected grand coalition, consisting of christian democrats and social democrats, intends to increase the salary of parliamentarians from currently 8252€ to 9082€ (before taxes). They argue, that this was planned since 1995 were … Continue reading

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Democrats of our time

I just want to give you some quotes from the recent days to put a little perspective on the NSA-case. First: “The 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution of my country, Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human … Continue reading

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Facebook, Vogons, autocratic regimes and the loss of democracy

Today Facebook announced that it will shut down Facebook Governance. Facebook what? Yeah, exactly. The idea behind Facebook Governance was democratic participation and dynamic user feedback about policy changes, privacy and so forth. You might be aware that Facebook acts … Continue reading

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