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Moving Beyond Cyber Wars: A Transatlantic Dialogue

“In January 2018, as the German government was trying to cobble together a coalition, and the U.S. government found itself in a shut down, ten Americans and ten Germans committed to the transatlantic relationship considered how they could make their … Continue reading

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Same old story: 40 years of debating encryption (long version)

A while ago, Tresorit, an encryption software company asked me to write a guest post called “The encryption debate: 40 years, the same arguments” for their company blog. Please check it out.  Below you can read the non-redacted, longer version of … Continue reading

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Book review and noteworthy points from Michael Hayden’s “Playing to the edge” (2016)

Over the last few weeks I have read Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror (2016), the memoirs  of former NSA and CIA spymaster General Michael Hayden. The following post will present the general topics of some … Continue reading

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Der Snowden Effekt? Interessante Punkte aus dem NSA Reformpapier von 2013

Gestern hat die NSA bekannt gegeben, ihre offensiven und defensiven Cyberwarfähigkeiten zusammen zu legen. Diese Entscheidung verstärkt den Trend zur Vermischung von Cyberwar, Spionage und Überwachung weiter. Diese Entscheidung steht auch im starken Gegensatz zu den Empfehlungen der Kommission zu … Continue reading

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Surfing like it’s 1997: Internet trends from a long-forgotten time

While researching for my Ph.D. I’am currently evaluating the origins of the Cyberwar and Information-war concepts. Thereby I stumble over many interesting books and articles from the early years of the Internet, in this case 1997. It is a book … Continue reading

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Snippets from research: Cryptowar of 1983?

My fellow readers might have noticed my occupation with British attempts to introduce legislation to allow law enforcement ‘exceptional access‘ to encrypted communication and data on British territory. Turns out that this debate is older than expected.

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Kommentar zur Computer-Netzwerk-Attacke auf den Bundestag

Während der größte Spionageskandal der Geschichte weiter tobt und immer neue Fragwürdigkeiten ans Tageslicht kommen, die Bundesregierung ein weiteres Überwachungsgesetz samt Whistleblowerverfolgung (sie nannten es Vorratsdatenspeicherung) verabschiedet, sieht sich der Bundestag einer Computer-Netzwerk Infiltration ausgesetzt. Verschiedene Zeitungen berichten, dass Rechner von … Continue reading

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