Matthias Schulze

IMG_0656I’am a political scientist and researcher in cyber-security policy at SWP, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin. Before that, I was a Ph.D. candidate and researcher (political science/international relations, surveillance studies, science and technology studies) at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, Germany and decided to accompany my research process by starting a blog. My Ph.D. thesis is about normative change in International Relations regarding the medium Internet. More precisely, I study how governments adopted a total control approach, enforcing control and surveillance and thereby altering the structure of the medium itself. I defended my thesis in August 2017 and it will be published soon.

My research interests are :

  • Dissertation: From Cyberutopia to Cyberwar: Advovacy Coalitions and the Normative Change in Cyberspace
  • Cyber-security, Cyber-conflict, Internet policy & governance, Encryption, Surveillance technology
  • Genesis and diffusion of international norms in political discourses, social constructivism and reflective approaches, Constructivism
  • Science and Technology studies, the social construction of technology
  • Methods of IR (qualitative methods, social network analysis), philosophy of science

Short CV

  • August 2017: Ph.D. defense, Magna cum laude. Publication pending
  • April 2017: Researcher at German Institute for International and Security Affairs
  • March 2017: Ph.D. thesis handed in
  • July – October 2015: Research visit at Citizen Lab, University of Toronto
  • 2014 Member of DVPW
  • 2014 Member Surveillance Studies Network
  • 2014 Member of KFIBS
  • October 2012: Associate Lecturer, Seminar on “Swedish foreign policy”
  • September 2012: Research Assistant at the Department of International Relations, Jena University
  • July 2012: Master thesis award of the Institute of Political Science Jena friends association
  • March 2012: Beginn of dissertation on the influence of advocacy networks on internet security governance and electronic surveillance
  • November 2011: Master Degree in Political Science, Sociology and Philosophy. Master thesis about “The language of insecurity. The construction of threats in the German political discourse about data-retention and electronic surveillance”
  • October 2009 – October 2010: Tutor for international students
  • July – September 2009: Intern at Frankfurt Peace Research Institute, research on recent developments in Swedish foreign policy
  • August 2008 – June 2009: Erasmus exchange program, stay at Högskolan Dalarna, Sweden
  • October 2005 – November 2011: Enrolment at Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena. Master in Political Science, Sociology and Philosophy



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