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Interview zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung als Terrorbekämpfungsmittel

Ich habe am 22.11.2015 der OTZ in Jena ein Interview zum Thema “Vorratsdaten als Mittel gegen Terror: Jenaer Experte ist Skeptisch” gegeben. Advertisements

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Why Britain is on a dangerous path leading away from democracy and the rule of law

Today, the Guardian published an article revealing that British “ministers are poised to pass emergency laws to require phone companies to log records of phone calls, texts and internet usage”, meaning that the United Kingdom wants to keep a data-retention program. … Continue reading

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Data retention strikes back…

Today it became public, that the data retention is not just a matter in Europe but also in the US. In the name of counterterrorism (of course!), the NSA collected data from Verizon about their customers phone connections. While covert … Continue reading

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