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connecting the dots: Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Good news first. Der EUGH hat die umstrittene Vorratsdatenspeicherung gekippt. Der ehemalige Bundesdatenschützer Schaar dazu: “In der Substanz bestätigt der EuGH die Kritiker der Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Die generelle, anlasslose Speicherung von Telekommunikationsdaten ist weder mit dem Grundrecht auf Achtung des Privatlebens noch … Continue reading

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Noteworthy talking points from Edward Snowden and Chris Soghoian @ SXSW

In case you haven’t seen yet, Edward Snowden gave a talk at one of the biggest tech-consumer shows, the SXSW. Folks like Googles Eric Schmidt tend to be present there and give keynotes (which he did). I just wanted to … Continue reading

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Obama then and now – change we can believe in

Today, US president Obama will declare that nothing is wrong with the total surveillance system that has grown like a tumor in the once freedom and privacy loving grove of democracy the founding fathers envisioned. The surveillance system has indeed … Continue reading

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Connecting the dots, January

The Guardian writes, that the NSA is supposedly spying on members of the US congress. This is rather odd because they repeatedly denied (even in front of the very congress), to spy on US citizens. The only viable conclusion therefore … Continue reading

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For those who have nothing to hide…

While there is an outcry amongst the media, academia and netizens in general, the mere mortal citizen argues, that PRISM, Tempora and other surveillance tools are not a concern. There is a dangerous attitude at work, a mix of “i … Continue reading

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