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Der Snowden Effekt? Interessante Punkte aus dem NSA Reformpapier von 2013

Gestern hat die NSA bekannt gegeben, ihre offensiven und defensiven Cyberwarfähigkeiten zusammen zu legen. Diese Entscheidung verstärkt den Trend zur Vermischung von Cyberwar, Spionage und Überwachung weiter. Diese Entscheidung steht auch im starken Gegensatz zu den Empfehlungen der Kommission zu … Continue reading

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New Publication: Schulze, M. 2015. Patterns of Surveillance Legitimization: The German Discourse on the NSA Scandal. Surveillance & Society 13(2): 197-217

This paper conceptualizes scandals as a special type of discourse in which the legitimacy of surveillance institutions and practices comes into question. Scandals force surveillance advocates to engage in legitimacy management practices (Suchmann 1995) and adopt legitimization strategies that can … Continue reading

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Noteworthy talking points from Edward Snowden and Chris Soghoian @ SXSW

In case you haven’t seen yet, Edward Snowden gave a talk at one of the biggest tech-consumer shows, the SXSW. Folks like Googles Eric Schmidt tend to be present there and give keynotes (which he did). I just wanted to … Continue reading

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press review June 13

It happens to me quite often, that my daily newspaper reading is quite depressing. It seems to be the common motive of press news, that they are almost always negative. Sure, catastrophes sell and dramatic news and big stories generate … Continue reading

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